Terms and conditions

• The Vox will be organized into two categories i.e. junior (5-14 years) and senior (15-55 years).
There will be Three Rounds in the competition:
• The First round will be on WhatsApp (Online Auditions)
• The Second round will be Live Round ( Face To Face With Judge )
• The Third round will be Social Media Round (Public Views And Likes )
• In the first-round contestants will have to send their raw audios/videos to our WhatsApp numbers.
• Second Round will be Online where contestants will have to sing a song from a list of tracks provided to
them In Live.
• the registration fee i.e. INR 900/- (one-time and non-refundable).
• Vox is not responsible for the content uploaded by you, the uploader takes all the responsibility for his/her content
• Vox can use the uploader content in our social media promotion pages.
• Vox can take decisions through the event without notification and will be final.
• Enrolment approval rights remain with the Vox.